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Cremetti - Video and Mixed Media


What is mixed media?


The term "mixed media" is usually a reference to traditional artwork created with different or mixed artists tools; for example ink and pastel.


In our case, mixed media refers to photographs, video, text, narration, music and digital/traditional artworks being combined. A simple example would be a video documenting a commercial installation of sound equipment cut with still images of the products used and narrated and finished with an original music track. Other examples could be a still image slide-show utilising on site sound with live links to other areas of interest, (host dependent).


The beauty of mixed media is its flexibility. Still, moving, sound, music, voice, time-lapse: all configurable to emphasise your product or service.


All this is done "in house" meaning that huge production costs and the inconvenience of large groups of people descending on your workplace are unnecessary.




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